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Gaming System

How things works behind the stage
TribeX is a blockchain protocol, meaning that every move on the game is registered on-chain in an immutable way. In this section you will find the documentation needed to understand how gaming system works and to verify the smart contracts being used on the entire project.

The Tournament

The tournament system involves participants depositing their NFTs to compete against each other. Supporters are the ones who will cast votes to decide in each Match which NFT will emerge as the winner. Each vote corresponds to one token. The NFT with the most tokens deposited in its name will be the winner and advance to the next round.
Tokens deposited for the losing NFT will be deducted from the jackpot percentage, and a 0.5% fee will go to the project. After this deduction, the remaining tokens of the losing side will be divided among all who voted for the winner, proportional to each one's deposited support, becoming available for withdrawal at the end of each Round. The losing NFT will be available for the winning NFT owner to claim.

Jackpot and Public Goods

TribeX is a Public Goods project, meaning that a percentage (at least 1%) of each Tournament's Jackpot will go to a separated wallet that will be utilized for purposes such as funding for research projects, charity organizations, or initiatives aimed at improving public utilities.
The gathered Jackpot value will accumulate for the last round. At the end of the final match, the Public Goods percentage will be deducted from the final jJackpot value and allocated to a social cause chosen by the tournament organizers or the participating community. A 2% of the Jackpot will be set aside for project fees. The rest will be added to the last winner's prize and distributed proportionally among those who voted in the last match.