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Creating the Tournament

To create a tournament, we call the createTournament function in one of the tournament generators. This function will register the number of rounds and the date this tournament will start. If the start date is 0, the tournament will start immediately after the last NFT is deposited for it. All time variables are measured in milliseconds. Here the percentages for the jackpot and public goods will be defined. From the moment of the tournament's creation, participants are free to deposit their NFTs in the tournament contract.
A cancelTournament() function in the generated tournament contract will be available to be called by one of the administrators if it is necessary to cancel a tournament before its start. After the start of the tournament, this function cannot be called as it will revert and raise an error. The deposited NFTs can only be withdrawn when the tournament result is defined.
As long as the tournament is not finalized or canceled, it is possible to increase the jackpot value by depositing a number of tokens for incentives, using the increaseJackpot() function in the tournament contract.