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Starting a tournament

🏟 Create tournament

To create a tournament on the platform, users click the "Create tournament" button. Please note that, currently, only individuals on the "Allowed List" have permission to create a tournament. However, in the future, the platform intends to make it permissionless so that anyone can create a tournament.
When creating a tournament, it is important to pay attention to all the information you provide, as the "Description" field will be the only editable information before the tournament is created, after the tournament has started it won't be editable. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully review all the details before submitting the tournament. This will ensure that the tournament is set up correctly and there are no mistakes or inaccuracies in the information provided to participants. Some definitions may be helpful
Tournament Type: The token type which the players will lock. In this first version, the system will accept only ERC-721.
Description: Describe the tournament and why people should join it
Tournament name: Name your tournament
Cover Image: Tournament image
Size (n° of players): Number of NFTs that need to be locked to launch a tournament..
Round time: Duration for voting in each round.
Start date: The date the tournament will start
Public goods: % of the jackpot that will support public goods projects
Jackpot: % of losing NFT support from each round that will go to the jackpot.

👯 TribeX Actors

There are four types of participants in TribeX:
  • Tournament Organizer: They launch tournaments that others can enter or support
  • Entrants: They lock one or more NFTs that others can support
  • Supporters: They support Entrants’ NFTs with Tokens.
  • Spectators: They’re just there to watch and have fun!!